This Is The End Star Seth Rogen Happy To 'Avoid The Wrath Of Amanda Bynes'

Funny man speaks out on Byne's twitter rants

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This Is the End director Seth Rogen has joked that he's relieved to have avoided the Twitter "wrath" of Amanda Bynes, who has hit out at a number of A-Listers recently including Miley Cyrus and Jay-Z.

The funny man's comments come just a few days after the actress attacked Miley Cyrus online, slamming the singer as "ugly".

Rogen, who helms hit new comedy This Is The End, confessed during an interview with Mashable: "I've avoided [her] wrath so far!" The Superbad star went on to say that he thinks twitter can be a dangerous outlet for some: "I think it's a difficult temptation," he said.

"If you're the type of person that has poor decision-making abilities then having instant access to thousands, if not millions and millions of people, is maybe not the best thing for you."

"A lot of these people are really proving that. When it used to be harder to expose your insanity to the world, it was probably more beneficial for, you know, people who were crazier."

Seth Rogen has revealed he's relieved to have escaped Amanda Bynes twitter insults (WENN)

Rogen added that he's nearly been caught out online in the past: "Now, with 140 characters, you can really change your perception of people instantaneously, or people's perception of you. I've typed and deleted several tweets that could have been potentially threatening."

Meanwhile, Seth's new film This Is The End is already proving to be a smash hit stateside despite only opening this week.

The apocalyptic comedy which stars a host of big names including Rogen, Jonah Hill and James Franco raked in $7.8 million on Wednesday in the US, and is on track to make at least $30 million in it's first five days.

This Is The End opens in the UK on June 28.