'I Was Fat': Man Steel Star Henry Cavill Jokes Off School Bullying Incident (WATCH)

The actor can have a laugh about the incident now

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Much has been made about Man Of Steel star Henry Cavill suffering at the hands of bullies when he was school kid, but despite the torment, the British actor can actually laugh about the incident now, joking that he was indeed fat.

Speaking about his upbringing with the BBC, the 30-year-old actor recalled his childhood nickname, saying: "Fat Cavill was the actual name. But you know what I was fat and my nane was still Cavill then, so it was a fairly fitting nickname."


Henry has admitted he hold no grudgeas against his childhood bullies (WENN)

Despite his tough childhood, Cavill admits that he bares no grudges at the kids who made his school days a misery, admitting that kids will be kids.

"Cruel, but kids are cruel and that age kids are stretching their social muscles and I don't think it's mischievous necessarily," he went on.

"They're just pushing their boundaries socially and they're trying to work out where they fit and where everyone around them fits.

"But I don't hold any grudges and one of the terrible things about bullies is that they're bullies for a reason and it's probably because they're getting bullied and from a far more dangerous place than a kid in school potentially."

Good to hear that his childhoood experinces haven't affected his career today. Meanwhile Man Of Steel opens today at cinema. Yippee!

Check out the interview below.

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