WATCH: Jesse Metcalfe: 'I Always Feel Sexy'

EntertainmentWise caught up with the actor

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EntertainmentWise caught up with actor Jesse Metcalfe and his girlfriend Cara Santana at London Fashion Week to talk about what clothes he won't ever get rid of, his sexiest poses and what item of clothing he thinks makes an outfit.

Metcalfe is known for his role in Desperate Housewives, which saw him have an affair with Eva Longoria's character Gabrielle and also for playing the title character in John Tucker Must Die, usually cast as a heartthrob, it didn't take long before we got Jesse posing for us!

EntertainmentWise asked what we can wear to feel sexy, Jesse told us: "I always feel sexy," but also that he'd choose a hat to complete his outfit: "I like a good hat, it makes me feel cool, when I feel cool, I feel sexy."

Jesse Metcalfe and Cara Santana Attended London Collections Together (WENN)

We also quizzed the actor on whether he prefered fashion over in the US or here in the UK he told us: "I love it all, I can't really decide" before his girlfriend explained to us: "I think a true fashionista is able to mix different genres and different styles to really make their look complete" - not a bad answer!

Jesse told us he enjoyed the parts of the collection that involved hats and also the: "Patterns and fabrics, I thought they were a little bit of a throwback."

On a not so sexy note, Cara explained that Jesse has a Rock&Roll collection of T-shirts that he owned which in her opinion are, "a bit too vintage for my taste" as they've all got holes!

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