'She Needs Help Fast': Miley Cyrus 'Breaking Down' Following Parents' Divorce?

Sources say Miley is a 'total mess'

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'She Needs Help Fast': Miley Cyrus 'Breaking Down' Following Parents' Divorce?
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Following her mother and father's ongoing divorce, reports are claiming that Miley Cyrus is now rummaging in the depths of despair, and her rocky relationship with fiance Liam Hemsworth is allegedly not making things any better.

The singer is reportedly going off of the rails, with sources revealing to the National Enquirer that her friends now "fear for her health."

"She's a total mess and things are getting worse by the day," the insider said. "Miley is in a terrible state over the divorce, and that combined with her troubles with Liam have turned her into a wreck."

The claims also follow Miley's disaster with the paparazzi on Wednesday. Upon leaving a doctor's surgery in Beverly Hill's, reportedly because she has been suffering from laryngitis ,a pap asked the singer if she was pregnant to which Miley replied,"No, I'm f*****g sick you b***h!" Woah!

However despite the claims Miley is rumoured to be very close to her mum Tish, and since her parents separated in 2010, we're guessing the divorce is not something Miley was too shocked by.

The Party in the USA singer also appears to have her relationship with fiance Liam Hemsworth back on track, after the pair were recently spotted cosying up at movie date in Los Angeles.

Miley is also currently promoting her new single We Can't Stop, and is reportedly very excited over the upcoming release of her new album.

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