Jim Carrey 'Should Give His Kick-Ass 2 Fee To Charity', Say Fans

Actor distanced himself from the movie in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings

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Fans of Kick-Ass 2 have suggested that, if Jim Carrey's going to withdraw his support for the movie, he should donate his fee to charity.

The comedian stars in the upcoming sequel, but yesterday distanced himself from it by saying he cannot condone the level of violence it portrays following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings last December.

He wrote: "I did Kickass a month b4 Sandy Hook and now in all good conscience I cannot support that level of violence. My apologies to e (sic)

"I meant to say my apologies to others involve with the film. I am not ashamed of it but recent events have caused a change in my heart."

Jim Carrey steps out (WENN)

"I like Jim Carrey but his recent stand against Kick Ass 2 has p**sed me off. If he's really that bothered he'd give all his pay to charity," one user wrote on Twitter.

Another replied to the actor himself, saying: "@JimCarrey So what charity will you be donating your "Kick Ass 2" paycheque to? Just curious."

A third message reads: "I trust Jim Carrey will be donating his Kick Ass 2 money to Sandy Hook victims?"

It is not known how much Carrey was paid for the film, or if he has in fact donated his fee to a charity.

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