The Wanted Life: The Boy Band’s New Reality TV Series Kicks Off On E!

The Wanted film their TV show in LA while recording their new album

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The Wanted boys have well and truly cracked America, and thanks to their new reality TV show on E! We can follow the band’s success and see what they get up to behind the scenes, (a lot of partying it seems!) Here is what we thought of the very first episode…


The Wanted are a UK boy band, first formed in 2009. They are made up of five members; Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes. They instantly cracked America with their first single ‘All Time Low’ and are rapidly becoming one of the most successful boy bands out there (and there is a lot of competition!) They recently moved across the pond to record their new album, and to film their new TV Show, ‘The Wanted Life’ while they did so.

Best Bits:

• “Being in the wanted is the longest relationship I’ve ever been in, and that includes getting engaged.” Who said this? Of course, it was Max. We found it funny.

• The ‘confession cam’ was also pretty funny - The confession cam let us see the boys doing silly things such as talking about ‘being pregnant with a party’ and making some rather disturbing sex noises!

• Seeing them record their single ‘Walks like Rihanna’ was cool, even if they were doing it on a hangover.

• Seeing them perform live – The Wanted singing live, enough said.

• A local girl rejecting Jay for Max - Sorry Jay, we love you, but it was funny!

• Siva the cutie – During tonight’s episode, Siva described his girlfriend Nareesha as the love of his life and said it was “love at first sight”, bless!

The Wanted's reality TV Show kicks off on E! (WENN Pictures)

Worst bits:

• The boys teasing their manager – We know they were only joking and they love him really, but we just couldn’t help feeling a bit sorry for their poor manager Nano, at times.

• Nathan’s sore throat – Poor Nathan! The baby of the group (he’s only 19) has a nasty sore throat, which is preventing him from singing - not good with all these gigs and album recordings coming up. It looks like we’re going to see him undergo surgery in the next episode. Get better soon Nathan!

• The nagging girlfriend – The show’s first episode made Siva’s girlfriend Nareesha seem a bit of a nag, showing her complaining about his band mates frequently. We’re sure this isn’t the case in real life, so we wish they would stop focusing on it! It must be stressful for the boys’ girlfriends, living with five noisy guys!

• Seeing the boys make a mess of the lovely house their management rented for them – Have some respect boys! Tut tut. Although they did get a bit of a telling off from their manager Nano, good on him we say!

What We Thought:

All in all, we rather enjoyed the first episode of ‘The Wanted Life’. They’re certainly an entertaining group of lads! It’s always interesting to see what these bands get up to in their spare time (a lot of drinking, in The Wanted’s case). But we feel like we know them a little better now, and they are lovely young men really.

Tune in to E! Next Monday at 9pm to see what the boys get up to next.

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