Serena Williams Accepts Andy Murray's Battle Of The Sexes Challenge

But the World Number 1 isn't expecting to come out on top

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Serena Williams Accepts Andy Murray's Battle Of The Sexes Challenge
Photo: WENN

Tennis ace Serena Williams has accepted the challenge laid down by Britain's Andy Murray to face each other off on the tennis court, but admitted she doubt she'd beat the US Open champion.

Despite her multiple grand slam wins the world number one isn't confident she'd got what it takes to beat the Scot in a battle of the sexes challenge.

"It would be fun," Williams told ESPN. "I doubt I'd win a point but that would be fun. "Yeah, maybe we can have a showdown though he's probably one of the top three people I definitely don't want to play."

She went on: "I suppose I could get some points off him but I think I'd have to do it on clay.

"He loves playing on grass and I do too but I'm going to definitely go clay. And the more I think about it I think I can get a game."

Murray threw down the gauntlet for a "battle of the sexes" type challenge (WENN)

Murray, who is currently gunning for his first Wimbledon title made the offer to Serena in his BBC Sport column and cited the previous battles between the top men and women in tennis as motivation.

"I have been challenged by someone on Twitter to taking on Serena Williams. I'd be up for it, why not?" he wrote earlier this week.

"I've never hit with her but she's obviously an incredible player and I think people would be interested to see the men play against the women to see how the styles match up."

Pointing out it's not the first time the battle has happened he added: "It's happened in the past with Jimmy Connors and Martina Navratilova. How about Las Vegas as a venue?"