'Henry Cavill Is The Greatest Superhero Ever': Dynamo Talks Man Of Steel (VIDEO)

The magician is quite a fan of the latest Superman movie!

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Man Of Steel was released earlier this month and it seems like Henry Cavill has at least one celebrity fan, as magician Dynamo tells EntertainmentWise that he thought Cavill was "the best cast superhero of all time."

We bumped into Dynamo at the Man Of Steel premiere recently and following the film, we couldn't wait to catch up with the star to quiz him on how he liked the movie!

The magician, real name Steven Frayne, tells us: "It was incredible, I wasn't actually expecting it to be as good as it was."

He then continued to say that his expectations weren't too high for the movie, but he definitely came out rather impressed, saying: "I've always been a super hero fan and my favourites have been the Iron Man movies and I just saw Iron Man 3, so when I went to see Superman I thought that it would be cool, but not in the same league. However, it was definitely on the same level!"

Dynamo walks the Man of Steel red carpet (Photo: WENN)

He then added: "Henry Cavill, in my opinion, has been the best casting of a superhero character in the history of superheroes that I know."

"He was perfect for the part, he looked the part and he played it brilliantly."

Quite a fan then, eh Dynamo? You and us both!