Demi Lovato Releases 'Made In The USA' Just In Time For Independence Day

The singer's latest release off her new 'Demi' album

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Demi Lovato's patriotic track 'Made in The USA' was released in time for the Fourth of July celebrations today and is "pretty awesome" according to her songwriter Jason Evigan.

The 'Made in the USA' star's Independence Day release is sure to be a hit with fans. The uptempo track was written by songwriter Jason Evigan who revealed the working progress with the X Factor USA judge.

The 20-year-old's ecstatic reaction to the record reportedly inspired her to turn her hand to directing the video, which is due to be released later this month."She came in she loved it. She had the whole concept for the video in her head [as soon as she heard it], which is funny because she ended up directing it. I haven't seen the video, yet but I heard it's pretty awesome," the songwriter explained to MTV.

The patriotic song actually has a complicated musical history as it almost fell out of Demi's grasp. Evigan, who also worked with Demi on her single "Heart Attack," revealed the track was originally intended for R&B singer Blair Perkins two years ago, however after Ne-Yo - who helped to A&R Demi's May album release - heard the song, he knew it was meant for the 20-year-old actress.

The 'Made in the USA' star's Independence Day release is sure to be a hit with fans. (WENN/PNP)

As Demi has put her own rock country spin on the record it is now almost unrecognisable against the original however the songwriter claims it could have been an R&B hit and better suited for the likes of Chris Brown not the former Disney star.

He continued: "It was [always up-tempo], but it was 808s and trap drums and sounded almost like a young Chris Brown record. It's funny because if you listen to it, if you put a swag on it, it actually has a pretty R&B feel to it," he said.

"[Now] it's got like a country vibe mixed with this R&B feel, which makes it kind of pop country rock thing."

"She recorded it and had some really good changes on it. She had some good ideas, just some lyrical ideas. If it wasn't for Ne-Yo having phenomenal ears, he really heard through the R&B production that this can be a big pop song and he was right. It's crazy how it all turned out that way." 

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