One Direction's Niall Horan 'Splits From On/Off Model Girlfriend Zoe Whelan'

The 1D babe has apparently been 'dating' Zoe for a while

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Niall Horan has allegedly been dating Irish babe Zoe Whelan on and off since his brother's wedding back in March, but new reports now suggest that the 1D hunk has told the model that things are "over" for good.

According to The Mirror, Niall has split from Zoe once and for all, just as her modelling career goes from strength to strength.

A source tells the paper: “It is all over for Niall and Zoe – and it is completely because of his side of things," adding: “Obviously, it was always going to be hard to have an ongoing relationship when his job has him travelling around so much.

“But there’s been no push from Niall to keep things going at all and has told Zoe it is over by completely blanking her."

The source continues: “Over the past few weeks her modelling career has become huge, but Niall hasn’t been in contact to say well done. She hasn’t even had a text from him, let alone a call, for nearly two weeks."

Zoe accompanied Niall to his brother's wedding back in March (Photo: WENN)

“Out of respect to Niall, she refused to say a word to anyone about the relationship – even when there was money on the table to spill the beans as she knew it would be over then."

“But it seems just doing her job is too much for 1D’s people, who appear to have pressured Niall to cut all ties with Zoe. It’s cruel the way he’s done it, and she’s obviously a bit devastated it’s over.”

Is Niall officially single once again? (Photo: WENN)

Their romance allegedly "hit a rough patch" when it was revealed that Niall had "spent the night" with Made In Chelsea star Louise Thompson after "wooing her" with flirty texts and calls. However, despite all of this, Directioners allegedly still send the beauty hate mail.

She said, according to the publication: “I still get hate mail and death threats. “I’m strong though and stuff like that just makes you stronger."

“To think that people spend so much time being so negative, writing nasty things and doing mock-up photographs and setting up haters of Zoe Whelan pages, it’s really sad.”

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