Niall Horan's Back 'Scratched And Bruised' After Louis Tomlinson Stage Challenge

One Direction boys larking about again

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Niall Horan has said on Twitter that he is feeling the pain after accepting bandmate Louis Tomlinson's challenge to turn gymnast on stage last night.

The One Direction boys are taking their Take Me Home tour around the world, and spiced up the show last night with a full-on display of acrobatics that Louis Smith would be proud of. Well, nearly.

It seems that cheeky Louis "made" Niall forward-roll the entire width of the stage... a move that the Irish singer-songwriter now seems to be regretting.

Niall Horan rocks out (WENN)

The boys were playing the first of two dates at the Hershey Park Stadium in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Niall wrote: "last night!Louis made me rolly poly the whole way up the stage!regretting it!Back is destroyed in scratches and bruises from the stage (sic)"

Anything to say for yourself, Louis? (WENN)

He also been supporting the Lions rugby team, posting: "yes @lionsofficial ! champs! If it wasnt so warm out I'd be wearing my lions shirt! #InBODWeTrust"

1D will continue touring for most of the remainder of 2013, and will launch their third album at the end of the year. Their movie, This Is Us, is also due out over the summer.

They're on the road again in 2014, as they travel the globe once more on a huge-scale stadium jaunt.

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