As The Lone Ranger Looks Set To Ride Away With A Loss What Are The Biggest Box Office Flops Of All Time?

Johnny Depp's latest movie isn't performing well

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The Lone Ranger is currently limping it's way through it's opening weekend in the US with latest figures showing the Johnny Depp vehicle could be facing a massive loss. It's bad news for Disney who have invested millions in the high profile project. But if the movie doesn't fight off an ambush at the box office, what films will it be among as the the biggest flops of all time?

Despite boasting a star cast of Johnny Depp and The Social Network hunk Armie Hammer, not to mention the dream team reunion of Depp and his Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski, early stats show Lone Ranger performing seriously below box office predictions.

The film, which cost an estimated $225 million to make, generated just $9.7 million during it's opening day's showings on Wednesday; in comparison to Despicable Me 2's $34.3 million that makes for pretty dismal reading.

Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer star in The Lone Ranger (WENN)

Disney estimates that their western caper will see ticket sales of $45 million for the Wednesday through to Sunday of the Independence Day weekend, but those figures are below industry experts' initial forecasts of $60 million to $70 million.

"If it does end up grossing less than $50 million over the five-day stretch, it will most certainly go down as a misfire," said Jeff Bock, senior box office analyst for Exhibitor Relations, which tracks movie box office prospects.

Johnny and co can be assured that they're not alone when it comes to box office disappointment. This year alone has seen some major movies fail to rake in the sales.A month ago Will Smith and his son Jaden teamed up for sci fi blockbuster After Earth but despite an exhausting publicity trail the movie could see a loss of at least $20 million, latest figures suggest.

That $20 million pales in comparison to the biggest losses ever though.

Cutthroat Island, a 1995 action adventure starring the likes of Geena Davis and Frank Langella has earned it's place in the record books as the biggest box office flop of all time, with a massive $145 million down the drain. Perhaps not surprisingly it was the last film Carolco Pictures produced before it went bankrupt.

Taylor Kitsch saw his blockbuster John Carter suffer one of the worst losses ever (WENN)

Alongside Cutthroat Island is 2012's John Carter with some outlets claiming that if inflation is taken into account, this is actually the official biggest box office flop ever. Producers spent a frankly ridiculous £165 million adapting novelist Edgar Rice Burroughs' Mars-based adventure with experts estimating it would have needed to make more than £400 million at the box office to be a success. It didn't, leading to a loss of $132 million.

2005 action film Sahara also suffered hemorrhaging losses. Despite Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz showing off their bods in the searing heat, some nice tans wasn't enough to prevent an estimated loss of $143 million.

The big budgets that come with action films inevitably mean they're the ones that are going to suffer with 2005's Stealth another example. Despite big names like Jessica Biel and Jamie Foxx and the man behind Fast and Furious at the helm (Rob Cohen) the fighter pilot film suffered a $110 million loss.

DC Comics may be enjoying massive success with it's latest film Man of Steel but remember back in 2011 when Ryan Reynolds took on the role of The Green Lantern? Unfortunately that tight green suit wasn't enough to draw in the punters and it lost over $70 million after a stream of terrible reviews.

Reports claimed so much was spent on the superhero adventure it needed to make more than £300 million just to break even! Perhaps leave the superhero stuff to Henry Cavill Ryan.

Fingers crossed figures like these help Johnny Depp feel a tad better...

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