Justin Bieber Infuriates Fans After Turning Up Three Hours Late For Concert

The singer continues to be tardy

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Justin Bieber has apparently been continuing on with his bad habit for arriving late for work by holding up a concert for three hours. The Baby singer enraged fans and parents who were not happy with the superstar's attitude.

After keeping fans in London waiting for two hours on the UK leg of his Believe tour you'd have thought that Beebs would have learnt his lesson. However it seems that some more discipline is needed and angry parents on fans in Iowa would sure like to give it to him!

Justin was due to perform at 7pm at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa however in the end he took to the stage at 10.05pm angering the parents of his young fans who were kept waiting into the night.

One parent commented on his tardiness, and is quoted by the Metro as saying: "It’s ridiculous. I have a four hour drive to get home and if I could I’d take him over my knee and give him a good one".

The concert was completely sold out with over 13,000 Beliebers there eagerly waiting to see their idol perform. However the venue has backed up Bieber saying that he actually wasn't billed to start until 9.30pm technically only making him late by 35 minutes.

Justin Bieber has annoyed his fans by once again turning up late to a concert (Credit: Rayne/JFXimages/Wenn.com)

The Canadian sparked controversy earlier on last week as well after an American shopping mall was mobbed by fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the singer. Justin took to Twitter to post a comment hinting that he might show up to the mall in Nebraska.

He wrote "Been a great little break but now gotta get back to tour. where are we going??? OMAHA MALL!!! @thatrygood u ready? #BelieveTour."

The centre was inundated by fans on Saturday who were all hoping to meet him. However they were bitterly disappointed when he failed to make an appearance.

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