Nick Lachey To Jessica Simpson On Her New Baby Boy: 'I Certainly Wish Her The Best!'

The Dukes Of Hazzard actress has just given birth to her second child, Ace Knute Johnson

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Former boyband star Nick Lachey revealed that he and ex-wife Jessica Simpson are not on speaking terms, but sends his best to her following the birth of Simpson's second child.

It's no surprise that Nick wasn't the first to be informed when Jess popped out new baby son Ace Knute Johnson, but the ex-singer wished his former spouse well.

The former 98 Degrees star revealed to E! Online that the pair do not speak, but he wishes her and fiance Eric Johnson all the best.

Nick confessed: "Nope, no. We're not in touch."

"I certainly wish her the best and I would like to think the same on her end, but we don't speak," Lachey said. "We haven't spoken in years."

Nick and Jessica starred in Newlyweds, and were married for three years

Lachey has also moved on and is remarried to Vanessa Minnillo, and the two had their own child in September last year.

His marriage to Ms Simpson lasted just three years, between October 2002 and December 2005.

Nick and Jessica starred in Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica in 2003, which Lachey says feels long ago to him.

"It's like another lifetime ago," he laughed. "We don't sit around as a family and watch the old DVDs!"

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