EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Ian Somerhalder Admits He's 'Married' To Vampire Diaries Cast: 'It's Nice To Get Separation'

Ian sat down with EntWise as the Vampire Diaries cast return to filming

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Ian Somerhalder returned to the set of the Vampire Diaries yesterday and people were quick to question whether or not things would be awkward between him and alleged ex Nina Dobrev, but the actor recently sat down for a chat with EntertainmentWise and told us that he's basically "married" to his co-stars because they have a super close bond.

Ian shot to fame alongside brunette beauty Nina on the hit TV show and presenter Georgie Barrat quizzed the hunk on how he felt about returning to the set.

Ian tells us, when asked if he was looking forward to it: "Yeah of course. yeah absolutely, Being on a television show, we're going into season 5, we've shot 89 of them we're going into episode 90."

He then added that he was basically "married" to his co-stars because they spend so much time together, saying: "Being on a television show is sort of like a marriage so it's nice. Lovers need space from their togetherness. Actors need space from their television show. So it's a nice little bit of separation."

And when asked about his break, Ian added: "I'm on that break right now but I am definitely looking forward to going back and seeing my Vampire Diaries family."

Swoon! EntertainmentWise sat down with Ian Somerhalder to discuss his return to The Vampire Diaries (Photo: WENN)

But, will there be any awkward moments on set with his recent ex?

The showbiz couple have parted ways since the show was last in production. However, a source tells us that the atmosphere between the pair won't be weird: "I think you become really good friends with that person when you see them everyday anyway so I think they obviously knew that getting into a relationship," they said.

"But I don't think it would be awkward for them. They are both well rounded people."

Well, thank goodness for that.

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