Geordie Shore Down Under: The Boys And Girls From Newcastle Are Back!

It was the usual combination of tears and tantrums for the lads and lasses in Sydney

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It’s the sixth series of MTV reality TV show, Geordie Shore, and the boys and girls have now been posted in Sydney to share their unique brand of carnage in the land down under.

It was a shaky start for the lads and lasses at the beginning of episode one: Scott forgot his passport. Dan and Ricci have left the group. And the formidable tour de force that is Vicky, is now single; after breaking off her engagement to the aforementioned Ricci. Gaz and James were the first to arrive at the new house, and of course, shotgun the shagpad on the top floor, and then the first few the housemates met their new boss, Steve the shearer; a cut-out and keep stereotypical Australian from the outback.

The only thing missing was the cork hat! The first night, the housemates headed out on the town to show Sydney what it had been missing. James tried to apologise to Holly for his behaviour in the last series, but she was having none of it. Meanwhile Scott and Gaz got busy with their first conquests of the series. The next day, Scott and Vicky headed out for the first night of work on the party bus, and it was like something out of fresher’s fortnight for the both of them.

The cast are back! (MTV)

Before long, a bearded Australian took Vicky's fancy, and the new singleton claimed her first victim. However, a couple of hours later and Vicky was in tears on Scott’s shoulders, and it seemed like her first steps in to independence were just a bit too much, too soon. The next morning, and Holly was nowhere to be seen after starting an almighty spat with James, but before anyone had time to worry about it, Charlotte made her grand entrance to the Sydney Geordie Shore house. As she gave the girls the low down on her new relationship status, they updated her on the fact that Gaz had already had sex in her bed. Nice.

Meanwhile Vicky filled Charlotte in on her failed night on the pull, declaring “I thought I was Donald Long Schlong, but it turns out I’m just a Timmy Tiny Testes!” The final night out of the first episode saw the Geordies head back out on the town, and with Holly sitting this one out, James seemed back to his old party animal self. Meanwhile, back at the house, Charlotte was busy catching 40 winks when Geordie Shore veteran Jay burst in, making a grand return to the program after sitting out of series 5. They soon hatched a plan, and when the rest of the guys came home from town, Jay was hidden behind the curtains in the shagpad, whilst Charlotte pretended (quite convincingly) to be frightened of an intruder.

As the lads and lasses tentatively made their way up the stairs to investigate, Jay burst out into a riot of screams and laughter, and the Geordie Shore series 6 line-up was completed. The Geordie Shore guys and girls are back!