Daft Punk Encourage Fans To 'Get Lucky' Teaming Up With Durex To Release New Condom

Move over JLS! There's a new celebrity condom in town...

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Daft Punk Encourage Fans To 'Get Lucky' Teaming Up With Durex To Release New Condom
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Not only have Daft Punk been encouraging their listeners to participate in sexual activity by singing about staying "up all night to get lucky" but now the musical duo are also going to be helping fans whilst they actually "get lucky" with the help of condom brand, Durex.

The Around The World hitmakers sent marketing forces into a frenzy with their provocatively titled track "Get Lucky", so much so that they are to be on the condom packets themselves!

The condom packets feature the French dance act's album Random Access Memories, while the band's name is imprinted on the back.

The popular condom brand have been attempting to promote their new contraceptive admidst the festival season, where sexual activity is usually a given!

Durex have been sending the condoms to the world's top DJs - for free of course - and they look set to be a big hit - just like their number 1 track!

London DJ Seb Fontaine took to Facebook to announce his delight at recieving his new freebies.

World famous American DJ Diplo posted a pic of a naughty picture of an open pack of the Get Lucky condom with the caption: "Thank God I had those Daft Punk condoms last night." Cheeky!

The condoms will go on sale in Europe before we they hit the UK.

Of course, Daft Punk - real names Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo - aren't the first musicians to launch their own condom range. Boy band JLS made a fortune from selling their condom brand back in 2011.

Luckily for Daft Punk they'll be wearing they're signature masks on the packets - so you won't have to see their face before you get down to it - unless you're in to that!

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