Royal Baby Name: What Should Kate Middleton, Duchess Of Cambridge Name Her Daughter?

With only a few days to go we give you a chance to help the royal couple decide

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Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are set to become parents any day now and as the public await the arrival of the royal baby, speculation over what exactly the little one will be called has been rife.

The couple are said to be waiting to find out whether it's a little prince or princess so are drawing up two short lists of names ahead of the birth. While we've had no indication from the royal couple about which names they're considering, Kate did acknowledge earlier in the year that it would have to be a "traditional," name leading to speculation we're not going to have a Kim Kardashian style 'North' on our hands, but what are the contenders for the little princess?

Keeping It In The Family

Almost as soon as the Duchess' pregnancy was confirmed the possibility of their daughter being named after someone in their family was speculated with Elizabeth, after the Queen and Diana after William's late monther remaining firm favourites.

William, with mother Diana as a baby is expected to pay tribute to her if it's a girl (WENN)

It would be surprising if William didn't pay tribute to his mother Diana, who died in 1997 and with royal babies having up to four names, will no doubt be included somewhere. Elizabeth, after the current Queen, is another favourite as the baby, who will be third in line to the throne, will be born 60 years after the monarch was crowned in 1953.

Royal Favourites

While Kate and Wills are a thoroughly modern royal couple, it is very likely they will pick a name already used by a previous British Royal - with eight Henry's it doesn't sound like they've got that much imagination. Alexandra is currently the bookies favourite, which is also one of the Queen's middle name as well as the first name of her cousin, the Honourable Lady Ogilvy. Victoria is another popular choice and maybe seen as a good omen to be named after one of Britain's most famous monarchs who is still the longest serving, the only one still beating the current queen.

The Queen's middle name is Alexandra (WENN)

Another Middle England Middleton?

With Kate the first commoner royal mum, some have speculated the couple will buck tradition and go for a more middle class name for the child. Currently Florence, Pheobe and Grace are popular options according to the bookies, if the couple decide to break away from the royal trend.

But what do you think the royal couple should name their daughter?

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