Khloe Kardashian Defends Husband Lamar Odom After Clashing With Paparazzi

Alltercation comes following accusation of affair with stripper

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Khloe Kardashian Odom has defend husband Lamar Odom on Twitter after he became invovled in an arguement with a paparazzi on Wednesday, when questioned over accusations he'd cheated on his wife of three years. 

The NBA star got into an alltercation with the pap after he asked him about allegations Odom had cheated on wife Khloe, following a report by RadarOnline, which the LA Clippers star fiercly denied.

He showed the photographer his ring as he denied the claims, which have also since slammed as "100% untrue," by sources close to the couple. In the footage Lamar can be seen getting out of his car and according to the footage takes the photographer's equipment out of his car.

Defending her husband following the incident, Khloe took to Twitter to brand the paparazzi "f***ing losers," for confronting her husband over the allegations.

Khloe took to Twitter to back up her husband following the exchange (Twitter/KhloeKardashianOdom)

Despite the allegations Lamar managed to remain his usual cool self during the exchange with the pap and even posed with a fan for a photo while the incident was going on.

Lamar became annoyed when the photographer asked him about allegations made that he's been seeing 29 year-old stripper Jennifer Richardson for over a year, after meeting last January at the Stadium Club strip club in Washington D.C. while he was still playing for the Dallas Mavericks.

Photographer's equipment, including a camera, can be seen strewn across the road after Lamar threw it out of his car (Splash News)

“They would meet up at a nightclub and go back to the room a few minutes apart, using separate keys,” a source told Star Magazine, “She would also use a separate driver. But everyone knew they were together.” Lamar even went so far, the friend claims, as to kiss her in front of his friends.”

However insiders have completely denied the affair and that the baller has moved out of the couple's mansion.

"They're more in love than ever," a source told the MailOnline, "Khloe did not kick Omar out of the house, they are 100% fine."

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