'It's Very Chilled': Ellie Goulding On Touring With Bruno Mars

The singer said it makes a nice change from other tours that have been 'tough'

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While being on tour looks like a lot of fun to us mere non-pop star mortals, it can also be a lonely and hard-working place, something singer Ellie Goulding will vouch for for.

So supporting the fabulous Bruno Mars on tour this month in the US has come as something of a godsend to the British starlet, who said travelling with the crooner has so far proved to be a very chilled out time.

The 26-year-old has joined Mars on tour for his Moonshine Jungle North American tour this month, and has revealed that it is a lot different from other tours in her life.

Ellie Goulding says touring with Bruno Mars is "very chilled" (WENN)

Speaking to Billboard, she said that touring is always a "very strange life" for her and added: "It's really important that I've got my friends with me and I've got a really good band and I've got some comforts around me.

"It's weird because my band now are my best friends, I've spent so much time with them."

She also explained that having "worked solidly" for the last four years, every tour she's done has been very different from the last, and admitted that some can be really tough.

Step in Bruno Mars!

Ellie added: "Some, like this, can be really easy, cool and relaxed. I've had tours that are really intense so it's nice to do a tour that's way more chilled and a bit fun."

Ellie is supporting Bruno Mars on his current North American tour (WENN)

The I Need Your Love singer also revealed that she was a big admirer of fellow pop star Rita Ora, especially her fashion sense.

She added: "Rita Ora and her stylist Kyle are two of the funniest people I know. He always pushes her to wear stuff I would never think to put together.

"I need to take a leaf out of her book from now on."

Well, we think you look great as you are!

Ellie attended the Glamour Awards in London last month

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Amanda Holden at the Glamour Awards in London's Berkeley Square (WENN)