Take Note, Boys! Vanessa Hudgens Admits 'I Want To Be Treated Like A Princess'

Guys take note!

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Vanessa Hudgens is all loved-up with her boyfriend Austin Butler, and if you're wondering how he keeps a hold of her - it's because he 'treats her like a princess'.

The former High School Musical star, who dated her co-star Zac Efron, plays a pole dancer and prostitute in her latest movie, The Frozen Ground, with Nicolas Cage but in real life she wants to be romanced.

Vanessa Hudgens at the world premiere of her new movie, The Frozen Ground (Wenn)

While some people, including her pal Selena Gomez like a bad boy like Bieber, Vanessa says that it does interest her.

According to the Daily Star, she said: “I have never liked bad guys. They’ve never held any appeal. I think it’s because I was a very shy child. I want to be treated like a princess.”

But Vanessa doesn't mind playing a bad character, as her new role sees her getting with several unsuitable guys and it's these dark character that she thrives on.

“There’s a reason why I’ve had a ton of time off recently. I’m not going to do anything if I’m not in love with it," Vanessa explained.

In the new movie, the 24-year-old can be seen stripping to her underwear, and she said: "I'm very particular about the work I do. I just want to be able to try new things and transform myself so that audiences say, 'I cannot believe that's Vanessa Hudgens!'"

Vanessa spoke to us about her co-star 50 Cent, claimed that he was "the best".

"I love him with a passion. He's the biggest sweetheart."

Asked whether or not the rapper is much softer than everyone would expect, she insisted: "Everybody has everything, but he's a very hardworking man."

The Frozen Ground is out today.

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