Doctor Who Star Karen Gillan Debuts Shaved Head At Comic-Con (PHOTOS)

Another actress who shaved her head for a role

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Former Doctor Who star Karen Gillan has shaved her hair for her role in Guardians of the Galaxy. The Scottish actress revealed the new look during the film's press conference at San Diego Comic-Con.

The 25-year-old plays Nebula, an evil pirate who spends much of her time trying to kill lots of people.

The originally red-haired actress wore a wig on Friday at the event, before unveiling her bald head for the Marvel panel the following day.

Karen Gillan at San Diego Comic-Con (Tony Forte/WENN)

"It's liberating," Gillan said of her new hairstyle, reports Digital Spy. "I think everyone here should shave their heads."

Guardians of the Galaxy will be released next summer.

Earlier this month it was reported that Gillan is single again, after splitting from French boyfriend Stanley Weber.

Stanley seemed to confirm the split when he revealed that he is a free agent, admitting on the red carpet that he was not seeing anybody.

Telling reporters that working with Karen was "delightful", he confessed also: "I’m single."