Big Brother 2013: Daley Ojuederie Splits From Girlfriend After Hazel O'Sullivan 'Aggression' Row

Katie Corriette has dumped the shamed housemate

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Daley Ojuederie's girlfriend Katie Corriette has dumped him following the aggression row that rocked the Big Brother house last week.

Daley, who had been getting closer and closer to Hazel O'Sullivan during his time in the compound, was ejected after a bout of playfighting turned sour.

Katie appeared on spin-off Big Brother's Bit On The Side to tearfully talk about Daley and Hazel's closeness, and he has now confirmed that their relationship is over.

Daley told the Daily Star Sunday: “The first time I saw her we looked at each other and burst into tears. We were just holding each other.

“We talked and we’re not together any more. It was her decision and I didn’t expect anything else. I’m not going to beg for her back – it’s not right to do that because I don’t deserve her now."

Daley in the Big Brother house (WENN)

He added: “We’re just going to be normal friends. You never know how things are going to develop. We love each other and what we have is really special.”

He said of his personal circumstances before the show: "I was battling things while I was on Big Brother... personal things.

“I said in the Diary Room that sometimes I feel like I’m living only because I’ve got air but not because I want to be here. I went on the show because I didn’t want to feel like this any more. I used to be stubborn and thought I could deal with things myself. I would have seen ­getting help as a weakness.

"But I’ve been getting therapy and I’m already opening up, which I never thought I could do.”

The boxer continued: “The shock [of being ejected] hit me really bad and I just collapsed and burst into tears and was bawling my eyes out for an hour. I was really low for the first few days – I hardly ate or slept. I felt like my life was over.”

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