Doctor Who Stars Matt Smith And Karen Gillan Have Copy-Cat Shaved Heads, But Who Wears It Best?

The stars share their hair style

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Once co-stars on the sci-fi series Doctor Who, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan now seem to share a snap-happy hairdresser as they sport matching shaved heads.

Karen, who played Amy Pond ,was companion to Matt Smith, the eleventh Time Lord, but since they have parted ways their hair styles have remained connected…

Matt Smith has a new tough guy look (WENN)

Matt Smith has shaved his head to play the character, Bully for How To Catch A Monster, the first film in which Ryan Gosling will sit in the director’s chair. The loss of locks are all to add to the tough guy image.

Karen Gillan has also sacrificed her hair for her new role. She revealed her newly shaved head in the Marvel press line at this years Comic-Con.

Karen shows off her new look at Comic-Con (WENN)

She will be taking on the role of the baddy Nebula, a nasty pirate you aims to destroy entire civilisations in the new Marvel movie, Guardians Of The Galaxy.

But who do you think looks better?

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