Jay-Z Warns Kanye West To 'Chill Out Over Paparazzi To Set A Good Example To Daughter North'

The rapper has gotten into several scuffles recently

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Jay-Z has reportedly offered his pal Kanye West advice on how to deal with the intense media attention and is said to have told him to “chill out” with the paparazzi in order to become a good role model for his baby daughter North.

The 'Black Skinhead' rapper, whose girlfriend Kim Kardashian gave birth to North on June 15, has gotten into several arguments with the paparazzi recently after getting angry with the stream of questions being hurled his way, and was most recently filmed getting into a scuffle with one photographer in particular during which Kanye wrestled him to the ground in an alleged attempt to take his camera.

Jay-Z has apparently warned Kanye West to "chill out" with the paparazzi (WENN)

It seems Kanye's antics has worried his pal and Watch The Throne partner Jay-Z who has reportedly warned him to stop getting angry in public.

“Kanye gets so angry and frustrated with the celebrity world,” a source told the Daily Star.

“No one knows better than Jay-Z how hard it can be when you're constantly in the spotlight. But Kim [Kardashian] makes a living out of being in the spotlight and for someone like Kanye, who hates it, that's hard to deal with.”

They added: “He's told him he should zone out, not focus on what's happening around him and instead enjoy what he's got. Above all, now he's a dad, he's got to chill out and set an example for his kid.”

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