Friends Reunion? Where Would Ross, Rachel And Their Friends Be Now? Entertainmentwise Speculates…

Where would our favourite TV pals be now?

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It’s been almost ten years since the Friends wrapped up but with almost constant rumours about reunions and movies EntertainmentWise has speculated as to where the characters could have ended up a little further down the line.

Last time we saw our favourite New York crew the characters were making changes and moving on, with Monica and Chandler leaving the big city for the leafy suburbs, Rachel  getting "off the plane!” for Ross, and Phoebe and Mike were getting married. So what would their lives be like ten years on…

Ross and Rachel

Rachel eventually got her big move to Paris and climbed the ladder at Louis Vuitton, getting free handbags galore! Ross stays at home acting as a house-husband where he writes children’s books based on the adventures of Tango the Tyrannosaurus.

As for the kids, Emma is now 11 but has unfortunately not been blessed with her mother’s good looks, inheriting her ‘old nose’ and still wearing a ribbon so people know she’s a girl. Ben is 20 and is in Hollywood acting as Joey’s PA as he tries to break into the acting world.

Rachel got her big move to Paris (WENN)

Chandler and Monica

Mr and Mrs Bing are still in the suburbs looking after 9 year olds, Jack and Erica, who enjoy dressing up as little ghosts to scare Uncle Joey, with Monica following them despairing about the face-paint mess.

And it seems they could never escape Janice who joined them in the suburbs with her new partner Gunther, and ‘ohhhhh myyy gaawwwd’ will always haunt the pair as Jack and Erica enjoy play dates with Janice’s children, who have been blessed with her distinctive laugh.

Joey Tribbiani

Joey has returned to Days Of Our Lives and his character of Dr Drake Ramoray has become a massive favourite with the devoted audience.

He now lives happily in the Hollywood Hills with his long-term partner, Jessica Lockhart, the actress who he had a brain transplant with on the show (who Susan Sarandon guest-starred as) enjoying spots on popular reality shows such as Dancing With The Stars.

Joey could be enjoying life in the Hollywood Hills (WENN)

Phoebe and Mike

Phoebe and Mike moved to Italy to take over a vineyard that Mike’s great-uncle left them. They spend their days smushing grapes between their toes and making organic wine, hiring people to help them pick the grapes and bottle the booze.

The have a brood of children, with five boys and one girl, named Princess Consuela Banana Hammock for old times sake, who run wild through the vines under the sunshine.

Lisa Kudrow has admitted she feels to old for a Friends reunion (WENN)

Alas it seems our vision will never come to fruition as the creator Marta Kauffman has continuously denied a Friends movie.

The stars also don’t believe that we will see the characters back on screen as Jennifer Aniston is sceptical about whether a movie would work and Lisa Kudrow stating that she is “too old” now.

We can only dream…

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