Big Brother: Who Should Go This Friday After Shock Eviction Twist?

Who do you think should leave the house?

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After a shock evictions twist this week Dan Neal, Sophie Lawrence and Sam Evans face the public vote, with them believing that they are safe who do you think should go?

This week housemates believed that they were voting Sophie and Sam into the Safe House to live the life of luxury, becoming immune from this weeks nominations, however little did they know that in a twist they were automatically putting them up for eviction.

Secrets and Lies took a step up this week as Big Brother (untruthfully) revealed that all the other housemates, Callum Knell, Charlie Travers, Dexter Koh, Gina Rio, Hazel O'Sullivan and Jack and Joe Glenny would be facing the publics vote, when they were really the safe ones.

Sam and Sophie have been living the life of luxury (WENN)

Twists and turns galore happened when Sophie and Sam were then asked to choose a housemate to join them, believing that this would keep them safe, designing diary room questions to test their top three.

They opted for Dan Neal over their other picks of Callum and Jack and Joe and he now unknowingly faces his last few days in the house.

Hasn't Big Brother been sneaky this week? The once top three favourites to win now face getting the chop, but who do you think should go?

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Who should be evicted from Big Brother this week?

Dan Neal

Sophie Lawrence

Sam Evans