WATCH: Move Over Miley! Coco Austin Jiggles Her Booty As She Showcases Twerking Skills

Check out Coco's moves

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Coco Austin never turns down an opportunity to flaunt her best asset and was happy to show the audience her twerking skills during an appearance on US chat show The Real.

The reality star had the panel in stitches as she showed off the dance craze, popularised by Miley Cyrus, after admitting that husband Ice T was responsible for building her body confidence.

Coco credits her body confidence to hubby Ice T (DJDM/WENN)

In a short video clip, the buxom blonde can be seen taking centre stage in a pair of fitted pink jeans and a revealing yellow vest, showing the audience her booty-popping skills - though we have to admit she has nothing on Miley.

The 34-year-old revealed during her appearance that, unbelievably, she used to cover up her curves until her confidence was improved massively by her hubby.

She admitted: "Like I said, I was a tomboy and I started noticing I could get a lot out of people at a certain date. I was like, 18, (and thought) wait a second, I can work with these curves.

"But I really kind of hide my hips. I hated my hips. Now, I flaunt it. I was always flaunting my boobs. I loved my boobs. I bought them at 18. I loved them. I was taking away from the hip area. I was covering it up and it wasn’t till I got with my husband, Ice."

We can't ever imagine a time when Coco was covered up, but we'll take her word for it, Check out the video below.

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