Big Brother 2013: Dan Neal Speaks Out On Hazel And Daley 'He Never Made It Clear That He Was In A Relationship'

Dan was the fifth housemate to be evicted last night

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Dan Neal was probably the closest housemate to Hazel O'Sullivan in the Big Brother house, and following the model's dramatic couple of weeks with Daley Ojuederi, the ex copper has spoken out on what he made of their rollercoaster relationship.

Dan became the fifth housemate to be evicted from the house in Friday night's show, and this morning he sat down with EntertainmentWise and other journalists for a chat about the last few weeks.

With Dan becoming Hazel's main confidant before and after Daley's dramatic exit from the house earlier this month, following his "threatening" behaviour toward the Irish model, we wanted to know what the former policeman made of it all.

Dan was quick to point out he hasn't had a chance to watch what actually happened between Daley and Hazel in the Safe House, but did tell us that "in the house we were all aware that there was a bit of chemistry between Daley and Hazel."

Dan Neal was evicted from the Big Brother house on Friday (Picselect/Channel 5

"At the end of the day it takes two to tango. I spoke to both of them individually but at the end of the day they're both adults, and you can't tell them what to do," he added of the pairs flirtatious behaviour.

Dan is adamant though that despite what viewers may have seen "there's a lot more to Hazel than just a flirt with Daley over the past few weeks."

He also praised Big Brother for acting quickly after the Safe House incident:

"All I know that if there had been any sort of threat of violence then big brother would deal with it and if they made that decision then I have to trust they made the right decision."

Dan grew close to Hazel in the house (WENN/Channel 5)

Following Daley's shock ejection, Dan admits that Hazel was upset: "She naturally as a human being was concerned for his well-being and welfare upon being ejected from the house. She was clearly upset by it but I think it shows a lot that she was concerned about Daley and how he was getting on," he said of his friend.

But what about Hazel's flirting with Daley? To viewers it seemed like everyone in the house was aware that he had a girlfriend on the outside. Dan is keen to defend his best mate in the house, telling us "She is ambitious and that can be confused... The difficulty is that Daley didn't make it clear that he was in a relationship, with any of us really."

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