Miley Cyrus Releases Raunchy 'We Can't Stop' Director's Cut After Breaking Vevo Record (WATCH)

The singer hit a whopping 100 million views

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Miley Cyrus promised to treat her fans to the raunchier version of her We Can't Stop music video once the Vevo clip reached a whopping 100 million views, and now she's unveiled the clip this evening after setting the huge industry record.

The former Hannah Montana star, who has caused quite a stir with her new eccentric ways, took to Twitter earlier this evening to tease her fans about the upcoming video that she had promised, posting:

She then said:

Check out the director's cut below:

The 'Can't Be Tamed' star pre-recorded an interview for ITV's Daybreak which aired this morning, and looked every inch the saucy siren as she strutted to the studio clad in a leather skirt and black crop top which flashed her toned midriff.

Miley Cyrus on Daybreak (Photo: WENN)

She also spoke about reaching the target, before the racy video was released: “When we get to 100 million [hits on YouTube] we’re going to try to put out a special edition – I don’t know if you’ve seen the video but it’s pretty crazy so even a crazier version of the directors cut,” Miley told Daybreak's Aled Jones.

“I love my videos to have some part of sexiness to it but I didn’t want that to be the whole thing, I wanted it to be gritty.”

When Aled expressed his upset that he wasn't approached to star in the video, Miley humoured him joking: “That would have been even better, you just could have been in the corner… 100% you are hired!”

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