Robin Thicke Defends Wife Paula Patton's 'Crazy' Behaviour At BET Awards

Apparently she was just acting!

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Last month Robin Thicke's incredibly hot and extremely understanding wife Paula Patton hit the headlines at the annual BET awards after her irratic behaviour prompted several stories to emerge suggesting the singer's childhood sweetheart may have been getting high before introducing performer Curtis Fields.

Firstly while appearing on the red carpet with hubby Robin poor old Paula appeared to struggle to focus on cameras before her behaviour became even stranger while on stage interrupting other presenters and struggling to hold sentences together.

 Robin Thicke defends wife Paula Patton's strange behavious at BET Awards (Andres Otero/WENN)

Several stars were quick to point it out but standing by his wife the 'Blurred Lines' super star who has taken the world by storm this summer has defended Paula's behaviour claiming she's an “actress” playing a part.

While speaking to hosts on US radio station Hot 97's Morning Show who quizzed the chart topper about the incident saying “she looked a little crazy at the BET awards” Robin awkwardly laughed off their digs before insisting: “Nah she did not look crazy, she's an actress, she was playing a character.”

Well the hosts didn't seem to sound so convinced joking: “Keep it real, when she walked off that stage you grabbed her by the arm and was like yo!”

But apparently Robin was already home watching the car crash from the comfort of his very own sofa admitting: “I was long gone watching her on TV.”

We'll take you're word Robin for it but whatever that character was that Paula was “playing” seemed pretty crazy to us too!

Meanwhile Robin Thicke is currently enjoying holding the record for the longest number one in America so far this year with his unstoppable hit 'Blurred Lines' which has catapulted the smooth crooner into international mega star status.

Check out Paula presenting at the BET Awards last month and share your thoughts with us

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