Nick Grimshaw Ratings Up 100,000 Despite Falling 1 Million Behind Radio 4

Grimmers' show is surpassed by 'Today', according to new data

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Nick Grimshaw's Radio 1 Breakfast Show ratings are finally on the up, as he piled on 100,000 new listeners over the second quarter of 2013.

However, he is now attracting more than a million listeners less than Radio 4's Today, according to new data.

Grimmers' daily broadcast has suffered a string of negative ratings-based reports since he took over the slot from predecessor Chris Moyles, and now Radio 4's morning programming is proving substantially more popular than Radio 1's for the first time in over a decade.

It was last summer when the mature adult-oriented station first overtook its fellow BBC station, but now the lead has extended into six figures - with Today regularly attracting 6.97 listeners compared to Radio 1's 5.89 million, according to The Telegraph.

However, in better news, Grimshaw's numbers have finally risen substantially, as more than 100k new listeners join him.

Nick Grimshaw (WENN)

Radio 4's listeners in general have gone up to 10.9 million per week, according to new numbers - while Radio 2 has boosted by 6.8% to around 15.4 million.

Gwyneth Williams, Radio 4's controller, said: “Radio 4 listeners are really rather special and I am delighted to hear there are now even more of them.”

Director of radio Helen Boaden said: “The continued growth in listening on digital platforms shows that radio is successfully adapting to rapidly evolving technological advances."

It's not just Grimshaw who has suffered some disappointing news - as Radio 3's numbers are also on the wane.

The classical-based station has dropped to 1.99 million listeners, a downturn of 7.8%.