Is That For Chris Brown? Rihanna Posts A 'Nude' Selfie On Instagram

The image appeared on the picture messaging service on Thursday

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Rihanna is spending some of her rare time off posting 'nude' selfies on picture messaging service Instagram – prompting speculation that she's trying to get a certain former boyfriend's attention.

The 25-year-old singer is currently resting up in Los Angeles as she takes a break from her Diamond's World Tour, but couldn't resist peeling off for a sexy snap on Thursday (August 1).

“she. Morning face,” she wrote in the accompanying caption.

Morning face: Rihanna in her latest image on picture messaging service Instagram (Rihanna/Instagram)

Rihanna is seen tilting her head and coyly biting her lip in the shot, but while some believe it's a ploy to get old flame Chris Brown's attention, those close to the star say she has no interest in a romantic reconciliation.

“She's not cool on all his drama,” a source told Hollywood Life. “Nobody has time for that. Life is way too short, and it's just better to cut the losses now and move on.

“She's cool without him. She was Rihanna before him. No shade, but it's cool. She loves him and wants him to be great.”

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