'James Gandolfini Was A Dear Person' Julia Louis Dreyfus Gushes Over Enough Said Co Star

Star died just age 51 earlier this year

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'James Gandolfini Was A Dear Person' Julia Louis Dreyfus Gushes Over Enough Said Co Star
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The trailer for late Sopranoes star James Galdofini's final movie Enough Said has been released six weeks after the actor's tragic death in Italy and it seems co-star Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who plays his love interest in the rom-com was as fond of the actor off screen as on, gushing about his talents and personality in a recent interview.

The lovable star, might have been known for his gangster roles, especially in the legendary HBO series, but it will be in the Nicole Holofcener directed romantic comedy, co-starring Louis-Dreyfus that fans will see him for the final time.

Showing off his softer side, Gandolfini stars as Albert who's romance with massage therapist Eve is almost ruined by his ex-wife Marianne, played by Catherine Keener. Praising his talents for comedy, Louis Dreyfus told Access Hollywood, the actor had been nervous about stepping out of his hard man stereotype.

Julia Louis Dreyfus has praised Gandolfini for his comic ability (WENN)

"I think Jim would say he was nervous because he was playing a role unlike any other role he played before and a role in which he gets the girl and he was sort of uncomfortable with that," she said recently. 

Keen to heap praise on the late actor, she went on: "He plays a really earnest, mild mannered, dear person. Frankly, very close to what he is [and] he was."

The trailer has been released just a day before claims that a Rolex watch was stolen from the star's hotel room on the day he died, TMZ reports according to an insurance claim that has been filed by his estate. Gandolfini suffered a heart attack while in Rome with his son Michael, 14, who found his father unconscious in his hotel room.