Move Over Pearly Whites! Who Rocks The Best Gold Grill - Harry Styles, Rihanna or Miley Cyrus?

What do you make of the latest celeb trend?

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Most people dread a trip to the dentist and go queasy at the thought of having their teeth drilled, so it beggars belief why so many celebrities like Harry Styles, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus have so willingly replaced their bottom teeth with sets of blinging gold grills.

One Direction heartthrob Harry unveiled his new gnashers earlier this week in an Instagram photo, showing off his new and improved harder image, with the singer pulling a menacing face baring his grills and an American flag scarf tied around his head. Definitely a departure from his relatively clean cut boy band image.

Harry Styles unveiled his grill this week (Harry Styles/Instagram)

Meanwhile, Rihanna has also become the most recent star to give her teeth a makeover however, in true RiRi fashion she's taken it one step further and now has a pair of gold guns attached to her teeth.

“Up watching Cocaine Cowboyz #KillinDeseHeauxz #phuckyogrill #ilickthegunwhenimdonecuziknowthatrevengeissweet,” she tweeted alongside the photo.

Well that's one way to anger anti-gun groups, RiRi!

Rihanna is bound to cause upset with her gold grill (Rihanna/Instagram)

As we all know, Miley is trying her hardest to prove that she's moved on from her Hannah Montana era, with her makeover including a shaved head, skimpy clothing and a fierce attitude to boot.

Apparently, the way to prove you're hard these days is to go and get your teeth grilled, which is exactly what Miley did for the 'We Can't Stop' music video, and she's been spotted wearing the accessory ever since.

Miley Cyrus sporting her grill in the 'We Can't Stop' music video (YouTube)

We'd rather stray away from any having any dental work done, but what do you think of the latest celeb trend and who rocks it best?

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Who rocks the best gold grill?

Harry Styles


Miley Cyrus