Taylor Swift And Matthew Gray Gubler Are NOT Dating

Rumours first surfaced about the singer and Criminal Minds actor earlier this year

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Rumours that Taylor Swift is hooking up with Criminal Minds actor Matthew Gray Gubler just won't go away, with a new report suggesting the pair have been secretly dating for over a month, but it has since been denied.

The pair were first rumoured to be getting cosy when the singer reportedly invited Matthew to her big July 4th party at her Rhode Island home.

Eagle-eyed tweeters noticed that 33-year-old Matthew, who lives in Vegas, was posting about his plans for a July 4th back East, tweeting ,“next stop New England!” on July 3rd and then sharing a picture of himself with the same patriotic face paint as Taylor on Independence Day.

Suggestions of romance though were quickly debunked with Gossip Cop insisting that there was "nothing going on in the love department" and the pair are "just friends."

It looks like the pair could have grown closer since those first rumours though with a new report from In Touch alleging that the two ARE dating, this has now been firmly denied by Taylor Swift's rep who has said that the reports that the pair are allegedly dating are not true.

New love interest? Matthew Gray Gubler has got the same hair as Harry Styles...

Apparently Taylor thought Matthew was cute so she messaged him on Facebook: “She messaged him out of the blue in June to tell him she thinks he’s cute,” the source says.

“At first, Matthew didn’t believe it was her. Then Taylor invited him to her house in LA for dinner, and he realised it actually was her!”

Hostess with the mostess Taylor apparently cooked Matt dinner and had even researched his favourite foods, with the insider concluding that the dinner "obviously worked, they’re still dating!”

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