Marmite Rescue Ad Branded 'Offensive' As Over Complaints Are Made

The ad for the food item spoofs welfare rescue ads

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Marmite has always been a food item that is either loved or hated and it appears there is a lot of hate for it at the moment following the release of the TV advert for it.

Spoofing the welfare rescue adverts seen on TV already, the ad shows jars of marmite being "rescued" from kitchen cupboards and families who don't like the spread.

Whilst the ad may seem tongue in cheek to many, BBC News have reported that 278 complaints have been logged by the Advertising Standards Agency who despite the complaints are not going to take any further action at the present time.

The marmite advert that has caused offence (Youtube / MarmiteOfficial)

According to BBC News, viewers who saw the advert felt that it "trivialises the work of animal welfare charities."

Apologising to those who have been left offending by the ad, a spokesperson for marmite said: "We have made every effort to ensure that this commercial entertains anyone who watches it. We believe we have created an unmistakably Marmite ad - people will either love it or hate it and they certainly won't forget it.

"We hope that everyone will watch and enjoy this commercial in the light-hearted way it was intended."

Picking up on the viewers concerns that it was making a joke out of the work welfare officers do, the RSPCA revealed that they want to be in contact with Marmite "about how we can work together on animal welfare."