'Crazy About One Direction' Channel 4 Documentary Trailer Reveals Weirdest Fans

They just get creepier...

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'Crazy About One Direction' Channel 4 Documentary Trailer Reveals Weirdest Fans
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One Direction's weirdest fans reveal themselves in a new Channel 4 documentary about young girls growing obsession with the British boy band.

Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson have become the biggest boyband on earth since their stint on X Factor three years ago and their dedicated army of loyal fans and growing Twitter followers are becoming more extreme.

Channel 4's one-off documentary will examine the extremes of the fandom, which ranges from death threats to band members and super fans who will stop at nothing to get in a room with the boys.

Throughout the two minute clip a girl is seen chasing the boys through a hotel - with one pink haired fan saying: "I was outside your room while you were sleeping, Zayn".

The creepy encounters don't stop there, as there is also a new hybrid of teenage fans called 'shipping', who have developed fantasies about hidden love and bromances between members of the band.

The One Direction devotees, have steadily built a reputation around their comittment to defending them from media scrutiny.

GQ Magazine were sent a barrage of death threats and abuse, after their feature on the band left some fans unimpressed.

One girl within the trailer is seen discussing these 'fiercely loyal' directioners, as she tells the camera: "I'm part of a fandom that could kill you if they wanted."

Harry Styles has long been a favourite with female fans (WENN)

The programme seeks to show the relationship that fans have with One Direction compared to the boy bands that came before them when social media websites didn’t exist.

Tayte Simpson, Executive Producer at Mentorn Media commented on the documentation of the groups overwhelming fanbase.

She said: "It will offer a fascinating insight into a new breed of idol worship. Social media has created huge communities which connect millions of fans in a way that was never possible before.

"One Direction’s use of social media to diarise their inner thoughts gives fans a sense of intimacy and ownership, fuelling strong emotions."

The documentary is scheduled to air on Channel 4 on the August 15.