'Justin Bieber Kicked Me Because He Couldn't Get Girls,' Alleged Brawl Victim Claims

Biebs and his crew have been accused of 'attacking' a guy outside a nightclub

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Justin Bieber found himself at the centre of yet another battery accusation last week when a guy claimed Biebs and his crew "attacked him" at a Hamptons nightclub on August 3 and the man in question, Wayne Rennalls, has now spoken out about his whole "ordeal," claiming that the superstar "beat him" because he allegedly "couldn't get girls."

Wayne claims that he was beaten up bu Justin and his entourage following an alleged nightclub confrontation at South Pointe, leaving him with a bruise and a cut under his left eye.

22 year old Wayne held a press conference on Friday (August 9) to give his side of the story, the New York Daily News reports.

“Honestly, it was like jealousy in the club,” Wayne said.

According to the model, Justin was trying to entice girls in the club to join him and his friends in the VIP section, but no one was falling for it.

“I got a group of females, like seven on [this] left side and three on this [right] side and one standing behind me. The girls I was with, none of them ran to him,” Wayne continued.

Justin Bieber has been accused of 'attacking' Wayne Rennalls outside a club (Photo: WENN)

He also stated that the club waitresses, Sophia Rayo and Dania Bhokasub, were directly involved in the fight that later ensued.

One of the girls had borrowed Wayne’s bow tie and then gone over to Justin, before leaving with Justin’s crew and that is apparently when the chaos broke out.

Chasing the heartthrob's truck to get his bow tie back, Wayne says that’s when Justin popped through the sunroof and began "acting tough": “You f***ing p***y, do something!,” Wayne says Justin shouted at him, he then added: “Justin [was] still running his mouth and I took my shirt off to fight,”

“That’s when they all hopped out of the truck and bum-rushed me. They said, ‘That’s your f***ing a**,’ and the first one came to me, and I put my hands up to fight, to protect myself.”

Outnumbered, Wayne then says that Biebs allegedly got "in with the act" as well: “He [Justin] got around and kicked me."

This is a far cry from the news stories that broke yesterday, where waitress Sophia Rayo stuck up for Bieber, saying that he didn't do anything wrong.

She told Celebuzz: “Everyone is trying to portray Justin in a negative light and he had nothing to do with it'.”

“Everyone was involved, we almost got out [of the car],” she added. “It was just some silly thing about a bow tie. It was a dumb thing. Guys just have testosterone.”

A rep for Justin has been contacted regarding this report.

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