Simon Cowell's Alleged Baby Mother Lauren Silverman 'Due $2 Million In Divorce'

Reports state that the divorce has been finalised

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Simon Cowell's alleged mother to be Lauren Silverman has apparently reached a settlement with her real estate husband Andrew and according to new reports, is set to receive a whopping $2 million.

The NY Post states that Lauren is set to receive the huge amount, allegedly amounting to just over half of the $4 million prenup.

With Lauren reportedly finalising the divorce, this means that she's free to pursue a relationship with media mogul Cowell, if she wishes to.

“As I’ve said all along, my priority was resolving this quickly for the sake of our son,” Andrew in a written statement said of the settlement, according to The Post.

“Lauren and I both love him very much, and I’m looking forward to starting a new chapter in our lives,” Andrew recently said of the couple’s 7-year-old son, Adam.

The report continues to state that Lauren allegedly wanted to "whisk their son off to LA so that they could be near Simon", but they say that Andrew wasn't so happy with that.

Cowell escapes the baby drama on his yacht with Sinitta (Photo: Splash News)

Sources also add that Cowell is currently "helping to foot the bill for a new, $26,500 a month apartment at Park Avenue and East 87th Street" that will help his alleged baby-mother-to-be with city life.

However, the insiders add that the neighbours "aren't so delighted" because of the media attention that is currently surrounding Silverman.

“Some of the neighbours weren’t thrilled with her moving in because of all the media attention that will be focused on her pregnancy,” a source said, adding that all parties involved are just “relieved that this is all over,” now that the divorce settlement is completed.

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