Crazy About One Direction: Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Romance, Taylor Swift Hate Mail & More - Directioners Reveal All!

Cameras follow Directioners around the UK to see exactly how much they'll do for their idols

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It's common knowledge that Directioners will do anything for those One Direction boys, but nothing has shown the fanbase in such a light as the documentary 'Crazy About One Direction', that aired tonight on Channel 4, with cameras following fans as they sent death threats to Taylor Swift, made up 'Larry Stylinson' raunchy fan-fics, threatened to kill themselves in a bid to get attention and much more.

The documentary showed the 1D fans in all their glory - with cameras following certain individuals as they cry hysterically, confess their undying love and speak about their future lives as Mrs. Styles/Tomlinson/Horan/Malik or Payne. Think this is all pretty crazy? Read on...

The one off programme opened with a girl explaining how she'd gotten braces, simply because Niall had them and things were set to get a whole crazier as cameras then showed hoards of fans waiting outside gigs, the boys' hotel rooms, stalking their home towns and even comparing the band "to God", with one Directioner saying that taking to Twitter was like praying, simply because you are "close to One Direction."

Fans threatened to kill themselves if Harry didn't tweet them a simple "hi", with the curly haired cutie's ex GF Taylor Swift grabbing Directioners' attention, with many sending the country singer death threats and one even threatening to "rip her eyeballs out."

However, the main part focused on the 'Larry Stylinson' romance rumours, with fans thinking that Harry and Louis were genuinely in a relationship. Fanfics were made, with rude artwork being shown and fans confessing their love for the "lovers" because then they "wouldn't be able to have girlfriends."


#Larryshipping - the Harry and Louis romance rumours got so out of hand that fans actually made quite graphic pictures, with some rather raunchy scenes linking the pair together sexually as well as romantically. When fans were asked if they had time for real boyfriends, they all said no because "then they wouldn't be able to focus all of their time on One Direction."


One fan managed to (somehow!) find out the boys' penis sizes, which she (obviously) then posted to Twitter.


We all love those 1D boys, but this was something else! Fans will literally do ANYTHING to get close to Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn and although part of us wants to give each and every one of them a pat on the back for being so creative, it's no wonder that the band have no many bodyguards surrounding them 24/7...either way, we loved it.

Check out the Channel 4 trailer below:

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