Nick Jones Speaks Out On Ex-Girlfriend Miley Cyrus: 'She's Doing Her Thing'

The star also revealed if he's a boxer or brief man!

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Miley Cyrus is possibly the most talked about celebrity of the moment. So it's no surprise that her ex-boyfriend (and the best looking member of the Jonas Brothers), Nick, has also commented on the singer's new direction.

Speaking to HuffPost Celebrity, Nick said that We Can't Stop singer is starting to become an artist. "Yeah, I think she’s doing her thing. As artists, we have to go on our own journey and you know, explore," he explained. "Explore and see what it feels like to write, and I think that’s what she’s doing right now.

The star dated Miley for over a year and knows her better than most (WENN)

On a lighter note, the 20-year-old also told the celebrity gossip website that he prefers to wear briefs, rather than boxers!

We're sure the singer's light-hearted confession is music to the ears of teenage girls everywhere, as the star recently posted a picture of his ripped torso on Instagram.

Posing in a pair of very low black Nike shorts, the former Disney star showed off his newly beefed up body.

Nick, who is also diabetic, used the topless pic to show that despite the disease he is healthy and in great shape.

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Miley Cyrus shows off toned tum at Lil Kim & Tiffany Foxx music video shoot, Feb 2 (Photos: WENN)