Jay Z And Beyonce's Marriage Stronger Than Ever: 'Jay Is The Most Doting Father'

...despite claims from rapper LIV that Jay wanted to have an affair with her in 2008

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Jay Z and Beyonce's marriage is still rock solid, even after unknown female rapper LIV claims that the Holy Grail Magna Carta mastermind wanted the pair to hook up back in 2008.

LIV told a New York radio station that shortly after the King and Queen of modern day music tied the knot, Jay Z tried to make her, his "in town chick."

However, a source close to the couple said that despite LIV's accusations, Beyonce trusts her husband of five years completely, because of his devotion to her and their 17-month-old daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

We have to admit we think Jay Z and Beyonce have one of those rare relationships in Hollywood- one that's rock solid. (WENN)

The source elaborated about Beyonce and Jay Z rock solid relationship to Look magazine.

"Jay is the most amazing, doting father and Beyoncé trusts him completely."

The insider continued: "She would never question him over something as trivial as this kind of nasty gossip - Bey is way stronger than that and this rapper could never come between them because he lives for Blue Ivy and Beyoncé - she's beyond sure he'd never jeopardise what he has with them."

The couple have been in a relationship for 12 years, which is an eternity in showbizland!

The source also told the British weekly glossy the pair have made a pact to not let jealousy and rumours come in between them.

"They've made it through worse rumours so there's not a chance this will damage their marriage," the source explained.

"They're both just ignoring the whole thing, it's barely been a blip on the radar."


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Beyonce leaves a restaurant with daughter Blue Ivy in Miami after lunch with husband Jay Z (Pichichi / Splash News)