Big Brother 2013: The Final Friday Eviction

As Sophie is evicted, housemates continue to question Dexter over his 'gameplan' just three days before the final.

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Day 65 and it was the final Friday eviction before the housemates all return to the outside world. Four of them: the twins, Charlie, Sam and Sophie woke up knowing that one of them wouldn’t make it to the final, however they were yet to know who it would be.

The day got off to an entertaining start when Big Brother made Dexter and Gina into genies so they could grant wishes to the other housemates, on what could be their final day in the house. Sam wished for a sporting distraction so Gina played a small game of football with him. Sophie wished for a make over which Dexter happily gave her. Although having received it Sophie wasn’t left very impressed saying it was the s******t wish she’d ever had! Charlie wanted some deep relaxation, which involved Dexter giving him a back massage, which we suspect he enjoyed more than her! And lastly the twins wished for musical entertainment, which they were given when Dexter and Gina absolutely murdered the karaoke classic ‘I will survive’. Something tells us that neither of those two will be having a career in the music industry once they leave the house!

After he had helped grant the other housemates wishes Dexter got back on to his favourite topic: Charlie. Up in the diary room being probed by Big Brother he admitted that he’d feel very happy if someone else was to be evicted over Charlie later that evening. When BB asked Sophie how she’d feel if she was to be evicted she said “I’d be sad and a bit disappointed as I’d have been so close but not there. I’ll always wonder what the last three days would be like.”

As Sophie was evicted there are now only five housemates remaining before the grand final on Monday (Channel 5.)

With the eviction looming the five housemates up for eviction set to packing their bags whilst one of the two housemates who were already through to the final week, Dexter became extremely emotional. He started to cry (behind a pair of sunglasses – subtle!) and told the others that he’d be ok he was just having a moment. Maybe it was a moment of wondering what his time in the house would be like if Charlie left? However he needn’t have worried as later the same evening Emma announced that it would in fact be Sophie who was leaving three days before the grand final. The housemates, including Sophie, were all shocked, with Charlie repeatedly asking what was going on and exclaiming that she didn’t get it.

After Sophie’s shock eviction the spotlight of suspicion was back onto Dexter with the twins initially questioning whether he’s been playing a game plan. Sam seemed shocked that they’d only just cottoned on to it, and in a different conversation held outside Charlie was quizzing Dexter on the same topic saying “ I feel like you say one thing then do another.” She also quizzed him on the fact that he didn’t sit next to her and then bluntly stated that: “Sometimes I think you’re full of s**t” to which Dexter quickly responded saying: “How many times do I have to tell you?” with Charlie butting in and finishing the conversation with “It’s not all about words, sometimes it s more about action. There are so many things about you that don’t add up.”

Dexter was quick to head up to the Diary room where he confided to Big Brother saying “How much more of a mug do I have to make of myself before she knows I love the girl. What more does she want me to do or say?” whilst Charlie was downstairs talking to the other housemates in the bedroom saying: “everyone in here told me he’s using me, but I’ve gone against it as I adore Dexter.” Sam was quick off the mark to question why she adored him and stated that he sometimes things she trusts him too much.

After pouring his heart out to Big Brother Dexter spoke to his friend Gina who told him honestly that she thought he should give up in his pursuit for Charlie. Having spoken to Gina he then set his sights on Charlie once more who laid it out quite simply for him, telling him that she didn't like him in a sexual more, but still cared for him. Dexter and Charlie continued their DC (deep conversation) on whilst Gina and Sam listened and giggled from the treehouse.

With less than three days left in the house will Dexter finally give up chasing Charlie? Or will he see it through the complete 9 weeks? Everyone loves a trier... apart from Charlie it would seem!!!!

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