PHOTO: Alexander Skarsgard Goes For Full Frontal Nudity As True Blood Comes To An End (SPOILER ALERT)

Fans of the show were in for a treat!

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Last night saw the season finale of True Blood play out for the fans of the hit show in America, and boy were they in for a treat after actor Alexander Skarsgard decided to go for full frontal nudity when playing his character Eric.

Viewers of the show saw Eric (SPOILERS AHEAD) meet his end as he began to explode whilst sitting on a deck chair in the sun reading a book. This took place as fans of the show also saw Brit actor Rob Kazinsky's character Warlow also die.

Whilst many of the fans were left upset with the demise of two of the show's characters, other fans took to Twitter to comment on the size of Alexander's ahem, manhood.

The actor went full frontal (Youtube / True Blood / HBO)

One fan tweeted: "I've just seen Alexander Skarsgard's penis. I think my life is now complete. #TrueBlood #TrueBloodS6 #Finale #EricNorthman #FB", whilst another True Blood viewer posted:

"Like Alexander Skarsgard's body is everything I need and more! #trueblood"

One fan posted:

As the current season of True Blood has come to an end, the show's executive producer Brian Buckner recently revealed that the new season of the hit show will go back to it's old roots.

According to USA Today, Buckner said earlier this year: “I feel like this show is ultimately about the relationship between vampires and humans and it's about this town. I want to bring it in a little bit. I feel like at times we've hurt ourselves.”

He added: “My goal is to get all these people living under the umbrella of one story and one threat ... and make it about this small town we've all come to know and love.”

Speaking of the finale which played out last night, Buckner said at the time:

“Its going to end awesomely. I think you're going to feel that the show is going to return to its roots and it's going to feel like it's about a gang of people in Bon Temps. We're going to try to condense the number of stories we are telling and really make this feel like we're coming home.”