'I'd Be Set For Life': Diana Vickers Hoping To Write Song For One Direction

The former X Factor star hopes to make a Christmas song

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Diana Vickers has revealed she would be "set for life" if she could pen a track for One Direction as she believes that's where the money is to be made due to the boy band's high-profile status and huge fan base over the world.

The 'Best Song Ever' hitmakers' two albums 'Up All Night' and 'Take Me Home', released in 2011 and 2012 respectively, broke several records, topped the charts of most major markets, and they're gearing up for the premiere of their first ever film, 'This Is Us,' so it comes as no surprise that Diana is keen to work with them.

"You’d love to get a song for One Direction, wouldn't you?" the 'Cinderella' singer told the Metro. "It’s making the big bucks! You’d be set for life."

Diana Vickers performed live at Virgin Media's V Festival over the weekend (WENN)

The 22-year-old is no stranger to working with megastars having already penned the Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez track 'Mouth 2 Mouth', with the blonde sometimes finding it easier to write for others than herself.

"It would be good to write for someone else. When you write your own material you can get a bit too anal about it. I love writing music, it’s just amazing," she added.

While the big bucks are obviously with One Direction, writing a Christmas number one wouldn't be a bad idea either to guarantee a windfall of money every winter, which the 'Once' singer admitted she might have a crack at.

"These people [who have written Christmas songs] have got it sorted. It’s what I need to do. That’s my aim in life now. To write a Christmas song, I think," she said.

With her new album, 'Music To Make Boys Cry,' due for release this autumn, Diana says she wouldn't mind returning to the X Factor stage that made her famous to plug her new material.

"I’d love to return to The X Factor to perform. So many people tune in and it’s such a family show and so I’d love to go back and perform," Diana admitted.

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