Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Taylor Swift - The 10 Most Controversial MTV VMA Moments Ever

A look at the ceremony's best moments ahead of this weekend's show

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We love the MTV Video Music Awards here at EntertainmentWise and that's because every year without fail we have always been guaranteed some of the most jaw dropping moments in music history all in one night, whether it be Madonna, Beyonce or Kanye West.

With performances from Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry, this year's ceremony looks set to meet all expectations already!


Who can forget this jaw-dropping moment when Britney and Madonna locked lips! (WENN)

Not only that but now rumours have began circulating that Justin Timberlake, the winner of this year's Michael Jackson award, will be reuniting with his former N'Sync bandmates to celebrate his unbelievable 15-year career which has seen him become the undisputed prince of pop.

If there's one thing we can predict ahead of this year's ceremony is that it is completely unpredictable as this is the VMAs and as we know, anything can happen.

Need some evidence? Well we've scoured through the MTV archive among the hundreds of shocking VMA moments and whittled them down to our top 10 favourites.

Courtney Throws The Contents Of her Bag At Madonna (1995)

During a pre show interview with Madonna, Courtney Love began throwing trash at the iconic star prompting Madge to quip “Courtney Love is in dire need of attention right now” before the Hole frontwoman interrupts conversation making for one of the most uncomfortable VMA moments ever.

Britney Perfroms 'Slave For You' With A Snake (2001)

Possibly the queen of the VMAs, Britney's third performance in three years saw the beginnings of the pop princess brushing off her 'Oops I Did It Again' innocence in favour of her steamy performance with an almighty snake. The performance caused outrage among animal lovers who deemed the set “cruel”.

Michael Jackson Accepts The “Artist Of The Millennium Award” (There's no such thing as 'The Artist Of the Millennium Award')

This was just generally pretty awkward for everyone involved including Britney Spears who was honouring Michael Jackson on his birthday. However, somehow the King of Pop misunderstood breaking out into a speech for 'The Artist Of The Millennium Award' which never existed.

Madonna, Britney, Christina Aguilera Kiss

This was the best kept secret in VMA history as the curtains rose an unknown veiled bride appeared at the top of a wedding cake before breaking out into the classic 'Like A Virgin' revealing herself to be none other than Britney Spears before being joined by rival pop princess Christina Aguilera to pay tribute to their idol Madonna. We all now what happened next as the three engaged in a cheeky ménage et trois. Watch out for the zoom in on Justin Timberlake's face who had just split from Britney earlier that year.

Britney Spears Appears To Be Wasted During Comeback Performance of 'Gimme More'

It was set to be Britney's big comeback but unfortunately the starlet hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons as the extent of her turmoil became apparent to all during this shocking performance.

Sacha Baron Cohen Moons Eminem And He Wasn't Happy About It

It's no secret that Sacha Baron Cohen loves to cause a stir wherever he goes, but in 2009 Eminem failed to see the funny side as Bruno fell from the sky landing in the rapper's lap prompting the star to walk off the show. Well we thought it was hilarious!

Kanye West Interrupts Taylor Swift's Acceptance Speech

Who could forget when Taylor Swift beat Beyonce to pick up 'Best Female Video' at the 2009 VMAs? In one of his most outrageous moments to date, Kanye West ran on stage to snag Swifty's gong insisting she wasn't worthy of beating Beyonce to the post. President Barack Obama later called Kanye West an a**hole over the incident. We'd have to agree! Thankfully, Beyonce being the goddess that she is, gave up her acceptance speech later in the evening so Taylor could have her moment.

Pretty Much Whatever Lady Gaga Wears

In 2010 it was the meat dress, which still stands out as Gaga's craziest moment to date, then a year later she introduced Britney Spears' VMA tribute in character as her male alter ego Jo Calderone. We're still baffled by both incidents and we're pretty sure we're going to be left comlpetely bemused by the star yet again when she appears at the ceremony this year.

Beyonce Announces She's Pregnant

Undoubtedly the most heart warming moment in VMA history as during her performance of 'Love On Top,' Queen Bey slammed down her microphone, unbuttoning her glittering blazer to rub her pregnant stomach announcing to the world that she and hubby Jay Z were to welcome their first child.

Rihanna And Chris Brown Kiss Amidst Hook Up Speculation

Despite Rihanna shrugging off rumours of a reconciliation during an interview with Oprah and Chris Brown still being in a relationship with long term girlfriend Karrueche, pictures emerged of the pair clearly sharing a quick smooch at the ceremony as Rihanna took home the gong for 'Video of the Year'.

The MTV Video Music Awards take place this Sunday August 25th and remember to report back as we'll be sure to give you all best gossip from this year's show.

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