Liam Hemsworth 'Offered $20,000 After Revealing Burger Puke Story In Interview'

The Hollywood actor has allegedly been offered $20k to give to charity

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Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson may play love rivals in The Hunger Games, but in real life, the actors are best buds. The pair happened to “bond” over throwing up White Castle burgers and Liam is now reportedly set to rake in the cash for charity after sharing the story with the world!

White Castle is allegedly offering Hemsworth a massive sum of $20,000 because he managed to scoff down 45 burgers even though the Hollywood hunk vomited them up, TMZ reports. Woah, burger overload!

Chatting with TV host Jimmy Kimmel earlier his month, the 23-year-old star spilled the beans on how he and his co-star became close.

"I watched a lot of American films," Aussie explained. "A particular film that had a real impact on me as a teenager was Harold & Kumar [Go to White Castle]. It had a deep impact on me."

Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth sure love their White Castle burgers (WENN)

"I think when it came out, I was 16 or 17, and my friends watched it religiously. It was like a bible. We didn't even know that White Castle was real then," he continued. "We didn't have it in Australia, and we assumed that it was made up for this movie. And it wasn't until I came to the States that I found out that White Castle was a real place."

Unlucky for Hemsworth, when he moved to the US, there weren’t any White Castles in Southern California but fate brought him to The Hunger Games.

"When I shot the first Hunger Games, Josh Hutcherson took me to his place in Kentucky...and he said there was a White Castle right by his house," Liam went on to say.

"So we planned on going there, and we bought three or four of these briefcases of White Castle burgers," Hemsworth added. "We took them back to his house, and we ate them. And then, about a half an hour later -- this was our first real bonding experience, me and Josh, this is when we became good friends -- we went out to his garden and we threw up together."

A rep for White Castle told TMZ that because they were “impressed” with the actor’s efforts that he could down so many burgers in one sitting they want to donate $20,000 to a charity of his choice.

Woah we all love a good celebrity “bromance” but this Hollywood one is extra cool!

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