Robert Pattinson Gets Close To Blonde After Talking Romance With Kristen Stewart

Star looks pretty hot in new ad for Dior Homme

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It's now less than a week before Robert Pattinson's debut campaign for Dior Homme is released and the French fashion house has certainly got us excited about the sexy campaign and in the latest images released show the actor cuddling up in bed to pretty French model Camilla Rowe.

The 27 year-old stud was announced earlier this year as the face of the scent and after filming the campaign in December 2012, fans can't wait to finally feast their eyes on the finished product. Check out the newest images here at

Rob and Camilla had some serious chemistry on set and speaking about working with the gorgeous blonde recently, Rob insisted it was a fun experience.

When asked by GQ Spain if Camille was intimidated to be kissing such a big star, Rob answered, “No, I don’t think so. If she was, she certainly didn’t show it to me!”

Rob and Camille kiss in the snow in New York while filming the advert (DiorHomme)

The actor continued to say that the smooch with the model was nothing compared to some of his awkward love scenes in the past: “If you have to kiss someone who you don’t know and the person keeps their distance or backs off, it’s horrible,” he told the mag.

Rob carries Camille Rowe in the sexy new advert (DiorHomme)

Well it's a good job the couple weren't awkward as they spend a lot of time locking lips, if a sneak peek from behind scenes is anything to go by. The couple are seen frolicking on the beach before kissing in the snow on a New York roof top and then locking lips underwater in a lavish old fashioned swimming pool - seriously it's all about kissing!

Rob and Camille got on well off camera too: They share a laugh in between scenes (DiorHomme)

The couple certainly look like they're getting on and according to insiders from the shoot the couple had amazing chemistry while filming.

A source told The Mirror earlier this year: "The advert is sexually charged. Robert is topless for part of it and kissing the model with tongues.

"He looks very much into the girl he stars alongside. Rob and the model are in a swimming pool making out and he’s seen giving her a blow-back with a cigarette at one stage, too."

They claimed: "Kristen will be livid when she sees the advert. Dior are thrilled with it however because they know how controversial it’s going to be.

"It’s the talk of the fashion world right now and has been one of the most eagerly awaited adverts for years.”

The newly released advert comes after Rob spoke about his recent break up with ex girlfriend Kristen Stewart, claiming people can't separate their real life romance from the couple's on screen alter-egos of Edward and Bella in the Twilight Saga.

Germany's Interview magazine asked the Hollywood hunk if he thought that media coverage of his romance with Kristen would have been as "hysterical" if the two hadn't shared a romance in the Twilight saga, to which he replied: ”It’s impossible to give a smart answer to that. One thing can’t be separated from the other.”

Edward and Bella in Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (Photo: WENN)

The Brit actor admits he's amazed by the diehard fans of Edward and Bella, played by the star's ex girlfriend.

And Rob muses that the wide age range of the devotees confuses him: "What's really weird about Twilight fans is that they're not really teenagers. Most of them are older. Twilight has its own fan culture that existed from day one. And in an intense way that didn't exist before,"

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