Zayn Malik Admits He 'Could Have Blown It' On X Factor Over One Direction Dancing Tantrum

The singer has spoken out about his dancing issues on the ITV talent show

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Zayn Malik has definitely blossomed into one fine One Direction band member over the past couple of years, however when the singer was on X Factor it was a whole different story - with the Northern hunk left rather worried due to his lack of dancing ability. However, he's now looked back on his struggles and said that they "don't haunt him."

On one X Factor show, Zayn was seen running away and hiding from a performance because he couldn't dance, but it seems like the babe isn't still cringing from the past.

"It doesn't haunt me, it makes me laugh when I look back, and that might have been the case and I could have blown it. I'm glad I went back and we did it - and that we decided we were a band that wouldn't do too much dancing,” he told Star magazine.

Zayn has spoken out about his lack of dancing ability (Photo: WENN)

Liam recently revealed that Zayn still finds it tough to get out of bed for rehearsals, which initially caused a few problems for the five-piece.

"No, literally when we first got together it was all a bit strange, trying to get everyone together for rehearsals. And still to this day it's a struggle to get Zayn out of bed, so..." Liam laughed.

Zayn also spoke out about the boys' army of fans as well, saying that although things get a little crazy, it's never too much.

"It's always interesting. Normally they scream and there's a bit of a shake," he revealed to the magazine.

"They kinda jump on you, but it's cool either way. It gets overwhelming. Too much? No, definitely not."

One Direction hit the VMAs (Photo: WENN)

Meanwhile, One Direction's documentary This Is Us is heading straight to the top of the US box office chart, according to early figures.

Morgan Spurlock's look at the lives of Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson reportedly netted a comfy $2.7 million on its first night on release.

Across the whole of this Labour Day weekend, estimates put it on course to grab $20 million - comfortably sticking it at the top of the rankings.

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